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14 November, 2005

simplifying Self Motivation.

No matter how strong a person you are, there are times when even the strongest of your sense will find itself uneasy, everything around seems noisy, unknown revulsion dominates mind, silence remains the most wanted companion and if you try reasoning out, Warning! You might end up knowing that you are in the course of depression, albeit it has its own taste :).

But am in general concerned about the one which arises due to inability of the people to achieve the stature they always desired or the aggravation of not been able to accomplish the altitude on par with their potential. Depression which comes out of not been able to find a comfort zone in thy professional life. The ambition of bringing a revolution, the obsession of getting the attention or the desire to excel, yearning not to depend on anyone, to be able to say, yes even I do exist with some rationale & am not Yet Another Person.

Go to the people for advice you'll end up with lots n' lots of inspiring shit, which could have been even better had it been yours, given a chance!

Go to a workshop to spot few CEOs, Presidents or any hyped out persona considered to be successful in life, the only keyword hits your ears are: "Self-Motivation, Focus, Hard Work, Consistency etc." – means all the ideal words of dictionary –
Some will say, "I read this book which turned away my life", some other could have had the fortune of working with some former hyped out personality or some could have had lots of risks, may be they had strong parental backup but the situations everyone had seems to be entirely different from ours, so how could their words actually be the one to act upon?
Although there's no denying a fact that self motivation is the only thing that separates the best from all the goods. The question still remains; what should be done to get self-motivated?

Ok going with the most general belief, reading more n' more such stuff should help you out to bring in self-motivation, ok visit a bookshop with a decent collection, you'll again end up your mind in a confused state as to which book or author for that matter presents the best words of wisdom? Let me arbitrarily pick up some composition hoping it to be good, does that assure to build up the self motivation?

A thought recently went running across my mind - it's basically the act of creating an environment around you which appeals to your heart and to your grey cells. Contacts, talks, social network, profession whatever  one chooses to go with forms the ambience for a person and they should be potential enough to encourage you to do something which is not expected out of thee in usual state of affairs. Thus, in the most fundamental terms its the least important actions taken to create your sorroundings! Lol could Self motivation be as simple as this!

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