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09 July, 2007

teenage memories ... has she come?

The place to start is ... Meerut city, a small town in India!

Left the house at 7:42 am, only 18 minutes more to reach school, to throw the bag in the class and then to rush to the playground for morning prayers.

"Oh no! There's no time!", now paddling the bicycle triple the speed.

"Shucks! this chain had to get off the hook only now?"

Hurriedly fixed it up and started flying again, Soon crossed that first bridge, the junction of the road where several other cycles join together for the race to school. While still hurrying and struggling with time, these naughty eyes were successful in identifying that group of 3 butterflies cycling in parallel and yes the middle one having that pink bag with a big picture of mickey mouse. Yes she is coming to the school today!

"Damn! Its the jam again."

Usually several kids hit their bicycles at school gate just at 8:00 am (more commonly even late), a Jam is thus quite inevitable. While every guy smashes through the crowd, they still make sure not to dare any girl and will probably let them enter first even though they would have abused the guy behind like hell. Theres always a chance that she would start liking him (and who has ever understood the reasons - Why makes a guy so lovable to a girl?)

The foots are running in the corridor towards the class, that peculiar steep voice always brought extreme joy to this heart and to find several butterflies surrounding the one (with teeth braces), did confirm, yes she has come to the class today again!

Now, a typical morning at school, students wearing white dress on Saturday, girls in skirts, boys wearing pants, all lined up in the ground for the morning prayer. Class 9th Section A girl's row adjacent to class 9th section A-boy's row, headed by their respective class-teachers.

While following the single-head-perfect-line rule (everyone in the line sees only the single head of the person in front of them, line gets automatically straight), these naughty eyes were always in search of that skirt pocket which had that pink key chain dancing around. Yes this also confirmed that she has come to the school today.

She joined the school during hot summers, it was during 9th standard, I could easily recognize her name, we studied together a few years ago in another school. I shifted my school & heard that she shifted the city altogether.

Time passed seasons changed and with it so did all the feelings. We never talked to each other during those 4 years in school, yet those amateurish feelings are enjoyed the most.

She qualified IIT entrance a year after school, I was still struggling. Visited her campus a year later, talked to her (or any girl for that matter) for the first time, thought of which still leaves me smiling. Telephonic communication that started thereafter, somehow started going down and eventually ...

Today we are lost in this world. No idea where is she? No networking site, no technology is of any use. Quite interesting it is to think about it sometimes.

yes it is!

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pali tripathi said...

interesting read..(interesting in the good sense..i would rather specify cuz the English use interesting in a very condescending way:-))