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21 October, 2007

Rasikas' Married

Rasika in some ceremonyRasika is finally done with her dreams, something she was always talking about. With it I met a chance to meet a very interesting family, it took no time for them to involve me into their colors. One of the most peaceful marriages of Northern India I'd say.

And an experience below.

Yesterday I encountered a phenomena - Indian marriages in Northern region are none less than it. Having seen a marriage after a long gap of 6 years, it was a very very different experience even though I've been brought up with these traditions so much. Wondering have I changed so much or have I been struggling to strike a balance with the educational logic with the traditional beliefs?

The arrangements for the whole family conundrum in baraat ghar, heavy lightings at the venue, inevitable tussle with the venue in charge (for some or the other thing), explicit words to the hosts for the top-of-the world welcome to Baraatis, kids shouting all around, that delicious food smiling in the dustbin, guests queuing to capture the Kodak moment behind the Gods of the day - The Bride & the Groom - more the captures better you are at status with either side of the family, the concept of DJ, no-sense body shakes, overdoing of the camera shots with the bride, those non-veg jokes at the Phere, people in the blankets around sipping that hot coffee & still struggling for the other one, ambiguous chanting of Mantras by the priest, acceptance of the Vachanas by the Gods of the day again, the spectacular Sindoor ceremony & the 7 rounds around the bon-fire, people throwing the flower petals, Gods enjoying the relief from Mandap & smoke, girl's heart pumps, eyes oozing out with saline droplets & final words to give her the Vida.

Experienced all that yesterday.

Very true & emotional journey through the night. No offense to anyone, everything mentioned here was just a plain observation & i admit of enjoying every bit of it.

Having seen those teenage girls dancing so passionately just for the reason that its their cousin's marriage & enjoying so much left me thinking. Are people in the race to do something out of life missing these small but vital elements of life? I do & I admit coz I felt it last night.


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Rohan Chatterjee said...

Its a great post.. Somehow we all try to keep ourselves so busy that we are really missing out on these all wonderful experiences...

Zahira said...

Nice.I can learn from it