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28 April, 2007

Even God can have Bytecode theory!

It was a usual morning prayer; I was chanting the ‘Omkar’ with a good amount of throat open. After completing the prayer, I don’t know why but I was baffled with a random thought, nothing serious but a naughty expression of this perplexed mind.

Till date I was chanting all the prayers from within the Indian boundaries, now suddenly I started doing so from the European country. It doesn’t matter to god, I have a freedom to do so wherever I go with a faith that this voice will reach God anyway, I don’t know if it does reach or not but I do not have any reason to believe it negatively as well, after all its about questioning the system made by the superlative spirit – The God.

Alright this all is okay. Following this, another query that generated is; I’m just one human, with one language I chant the prayer in; but there are countless languages, myriads of religions, array of customs & traditions. How does God compile all these diverse languages, religious activities to understand what is what? Or to realize what is good or bad?

The scenario is something similar to what we have in software industry, a number of programming languages today but no one compiler that can convert every language to an executable binary. Therefore, the baffling thought is; does God have enough good compiler to evaluate this complex data of numerous spoken, non-spoken languages, religious activities, customs, traditions etc?

From a human perspective it definitely isn’t possible to handle all this diversity, after all there are many other things to be done as wellJ. So there is a high probability of the existence of an Intermediate language, a sort of middleware (concept like Bytecode) in between. It gets so simple now; all I chant now gets converted to this Intermediate language, which God can easily evaluate from a single compiler.

I’m sure making a single such compiler would be a kid’s play for the God. May be he could also maintain for all this diversity as well but it is the matter of keeping things simple. No doubt, this set up also requires as many JIT compilers as there are diversities to convert them all to this intermediate language of course.

Only if this silly concept exists!

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Ashish said...

Interesting thought! :)
The only problem I see with gods is that they use diff. OS - for e.g when I met Yamraj, he was on WIN (and was really going gungho about it! I dunno why?); while Lord Krishna was using Mac (he learns all the tricks from mac, I believe)!

Though Java (prayers) promises compatibility, bloody developers (humans) end up screwing things! :)